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PLGA research has not seen the same progress as other diseases because of underinvestment and unique scientific challenges. Our fundraising events and work with government stakeholders are helping to increase the support that PLGA research receives. We are also working with brilliant researchers to remove some of the scientific barriers to new treatments.

In 2015 a researcher who wanted to develop new treatments for PLGA was unable to test any theories in a lab. The lack of a "mouse model" to begin testing meant that many promising ideas failed before they could even begin. IAA partnered with Johns Hopkins University to remove this barrier in the hopes that our work would be a "force-multiplier" for PLGA research.


Thanks to our donors support and the tireless efforts of the Johns Hopkins researchers a mouse model was developed that will allow labs across the country to test the treatment potential of new molecules or medicines.

In order to ensure that this development has as wide an impact as possible we are working with the National Cancer Institute to distribute the mouse model to any researcher who requests it. 

Working with our donors, partnering with researchers at Johns Hopkins, and collaborating with the NCI has moved us closer to a cure.

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