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         Imagine An Answer to Kids' Brain Cancer (IAA) was founded to raise awareness and funds for research into pediatric brain tumors -- a deadly disease for which there is no known cure except for complete tumor removal -- which is often impossible.  Children with juvenile pilocytic astrocytomas (JPA's) suffer over the course of their disease, which typically requires multiple surgeries, constant or intermittent medication, and monitoring.  The side effects, or "collateral damage" are many -- vision loss, cognitive deficits, limb paralysis, psychological and hormonal changes. 
To drive progress towards a cure, IAA connects and fund scientific researchers nationwide who are working on innovative treatments to resources in the Washington, DC community and within the federal government. With the right resources we can work together to finally find a cure.

2023 Pumpkin Bash Logo.jpg

Thank you to our 2023 supporters!

The Pumpkin Bash is our premier annual event. Sponsoring or attending this event is a great way to join the fight.   Here are a few photos from our most  recent event.   More information about tickets and sponsorships can be found HERE.

Pumpkin Bash Pics
It is difficult to showcase this wonderful night -- from our amazing speakers and participants, to the Eastern Market space itself, the carved pumpkins, and of course, the children.  Here are a few favorites...

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